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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Modern Day Auctions is committed to providing our clients and customers with the highest quality online auctions in the marketplace, while also maintaining exceptional customer service, transparent and streamlined processes and attaining the maximum prices realized in the industry. Our success is achieved through our attention to detail, teamwork, customer focused practices and our integrity.

Our Values

Our business is built upon our core values which motivate and define our highly trained staff so that they can perform at their best level in order to serve our customers. These high standards have enabled us to dominate the industry as a trusted leader who can be relied upon for our passion, experience, and reach.

Accountability - We take responsibility and ownership of our decisions and actions to the best of our ability.

Reputation - We value our reputation in the marketplace as our biggest asset as we are mostly referral based. We strive to manage your expectations, possess a highly regarded business image, nurture valuable business relationships, and safeguard our intellectual property assets.

Professionalism - We have high standards and get things done in a timely and thorough manner with a high level of communication.

Trustworthiness - We are honest, competent, and benevolent.

Reliability - We are dependable, faithful, authentic, and worthy of your trust.

Integrity - We take the initiative while negotiating your time honestly and stay aligned with our values.

Our Core Values

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