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Online Auctions Let You Bid Without Going Out the Door

Since Covid-19 restrictions are still in place in New York and other places, many people believe that there is no way to participate in auctions. While live auctions are indeed hard to find, the same is not the case for online auctions. In fact, some auction houses are currently running their events entirely online.

Online auction participation has always been easier than physically going to an auction house to bid. However, it does have some limitations compared to physical participation. One is that it is not always possible to inspect items before the event begins. Typically, this is made up for by the ability to see plenty of pictures and careful descriptions of the items up for bids.

Another possible difference to be on the lookout for can affect consignments for auctions. Modern Day Auctions and Estate Sales, for example, no longer allows the public into its warehouses. Similar restrictions are in place at other auction houses in the area. To get past this problem, Modern Day is working with a variety of shipping partners to get items picked up for auction or delivered to winning bidders.

When you have the winning bid at online auctions, you now have a few choices for getting your item(s). You can still drive to the warehouse, but now, the items will be left outside of the building for you to pick up. Modern Day Auctions also has a no-touch method for signing for the things you won, if you prefer that method. You can also have items delivered to you by a variety of shipping partners. In that case, the best partner for your item type will be chosen.

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