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Do Auction Houses Offer Moving Services?

Many auctioneers offer no direct help with moving items to or from the warehouse. However, they may have arrangements set up with outside delivery services to make it easier for you to arrange for the transport of large items. Sometimes, they have similar arrangements for other real estate services, as well.

Auction houses that deal with a wide variety of goods know that some items are not easy to transport yourself. Furniture, game room equipment, and other large and heavy things almost always need to be moved by professionals. However, the auction house wants to focus on its own business, which is cataloging, appraising, and auctioning off items. It also doesn't want to deal with the liability that comes with the risk of things being damaged while in transport.

The perfect solution is for them to contract with moving services. These services focus on the job of safely moving things, and don't worry about how those things will be sold. Since each business is focused on its own specialty, the result is better competence at all of the steps.

Real estate services often work in the same way. They often need to help people clear their things out and then move them to new locations. Since an auction house is just another new location as far as these companies are concerned, it makes sense for them to work together. They're a great help when you need to move a lot of items instead of just one or two big pieces. Even better, real estate services can often accommodate requests to take some items to one place, and other items to a different destination. If you need help deciding which type of moving help you need, talk to the auction company. It can suggest the best service for your job.

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