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Are There Online Estate Sales?

The traditional estate sale format involves having all potential bidders come to the client's site. This gives them a good chance to examine the items up for bid, as well as to mingle with each other and the auction service personnel. However, thanks to Covid-19 restrictions, this type of close-contact event currently cannot take place. That, however, doesn't mean that estate sales are now a thing of the past.

Instead, online estate sales have taken the place of the traditional type. You may see several pictures of the items up for bids and read detailed descriptions instead of seeing them in person prior to purchase. You'll also put in your bids through the auctioneer's site or through an app.

This type of bidding is less social than the old format, but many find it easier. You don't have to wonder what a fast-talking auctioneer is saying or try to determine the value of a bid that was not clearly enunciated. Instead, you type in your bid and make adjustments as you see fit (or as your budget allows), and the auctioneer selects the highest one after the right amount of time has passed. It's a great format for those who find the usual atmosphere of an auction to be a bit too much.

Of course, traditional estate sales will return once restrictions end. However, it's certain that some people will remain fans of online estate sales instead. Fortunately, modern auction houses have the infrastructure for both formats, so it is likely that both options will remain far into the future. To learn more, just contact your favorite auction company and ask for details.

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