COVID 19 Procedures in Place By Modern Day Sales

MDS will continue to run the current Online Auctions, but the closings & pick-ups have been rescheduled until After April 22, 2020 according to the Executive Order by the Governor of Connecticut that non-essential businesses must close for 30 Days.

-The Warehouse is Closed for Drop-offs & Previews until After April 22, 2020.

-Once Pick-ups resume, they will be handled with gloves and customers will not have to sign for their items if they so choose. Minimal contact procedures will be in place. Social DIstancing of 6ft between people is Required.

-We are in constant communication with our clients, in which the inventory is coming from, and we will not be running any auctions of items belonging to customers who might be infected.

-When staffing resumes, we will only have a small staff working at each house and our staff is diligently adhering to the CDC guidelines of hand-washing, using anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and not coming to work if they are sick etc.


If you are sick and not able to pick up your item, please contact us before the pick-up and we will accommodate an alternate or later pick-up. Do not come to the general pick-up if you are sick, please.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 203-400-6000 or by email at

Thank you

Kelly Daniel


On-site & Online Auctions in Connecticut & New York